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Six points should be noted that the installation of partition board

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-16 16:14:11

  Soft partition board is a new type of decoration material, its light weight, high strength, good insulation effect, convenient installation, popular with consumers, today Xiaobian installation points bring light partition board, for your reference.

  1, check the geometry of the partition plate, in order to meet the standard requirements.

  2, according to the layout, advance 40 * 50 is fixed on the fixed position should be * 90L iron.

  3, according to the plan, from the side of the installation. If there are doors and windows on the partition board, the doors and windows from the hole to the two sides to start installation. The alignment at the bottom line, try to move with a crowbar, the upper end of the top tight, tight bottom plate edge, with wedge plug firmly, plus firmware.

  4, hydropower buried pipe laying and partition plate installed simultaneously, the partition board need to open, should be installed before drilling, the hole shall be not more than 80mm * 80mm, plumbing hanger not exceeding 80 kg, 80 kg more than the hanger, must be installed in the fixed parts on the partition board.

  5, electrical wiring switches and sockets around, filling out the application.

  6, after the installation of partition board, adhesive materials must be dry, in order to carry out the procedure, need 10-15 days to normal decoration from the installation date.