FPB lightweight partition boar

FPB lightweight partition board

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FPB lightweight partition board

The length (L): 2270 - 3000 mm | width (W): 305, 610, 915 mm | thickness (T): 60, 75, 90, 100, 120, 150 mm

Application range

The interior partition uses roofing applications, pipeline wells, fire wells, equipment, computer rooms, partitions, applications, exterior walls, villas, floor applications, finishes, and surface decoration applications


Introduction of Rui Ying energy saving wallboard products

Rui Ying such FPB lightweight partition board with fiber reinforced cement board or calcium silicate board panels, filled with polystyrene particles, cement and fly ash lightweight core material, with the origin of the unique volcano rock, a lightweight sheet made of many kinds of additive disposable composite treatment.

FPB lightweight partition board weighs only 1/8 solid brick, strength reaches C30, the thermal conductivity of solid brick only 1/3, only a solid wall of the acoustic transmission rate of 1/4, automatically adjust the indoor air humidity, save industrial waste occupied land, pollution of air and the vast Du industrial waste water, saving the cost of the fifteen percent wall to twenty, improve the construction efficiency of three to five times.

The product can be widely used in offices, commercial buildings and residential buildings. The installation is easy to operate and easy to control, and the market prospect is wide.


Rui Ying energy saving wallboard is widely used

Rui Ying energy-saving panels for a variety of different buildings,

Including: hotels, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, public buildings, venues, schools, hospitals, factories and other places.



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