Main points of construction

Key points of construction

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-18 13:55:51


  First, the technical process:

  The wall to install U positioning line card, put in place, leveling, plate, adhesive, quality inspection, fixed mesh belt, smooth crack sealing paste (if Party A needs special anti cracking and tiling, still need to clean the dirt) roll 801 cement paste to paste the cracking net cloth, quality inspection。

  Two, the installation of operating points

  1 according to the construction design drawings, on the ground (floor) on the surface of the wire testing instrument emits wall control line by laser, extending to the ceiling (beam bottom) and the wall (column), and draw the location of doors and windows.

  2 in the wall (column) at the junction of the vertical installation of U card. Using a nail gun is fixed, the plate side, adhesive scraper with good preparation, the first piece of the partition wall generally stuck column wall bearing groove.

  3 of the two partition plates connecting the ground (ceiling) with a nail gun fixed type U card, you must install on to play counterpoint, squeeze squeeze gap control line. Always check the wall across the flat and vertical conformity with wedge close.

After the completion of 4 panels on the joint crack self adhesive paste mesh belt, and with 801 cement mortar.

  4after the completion of the installation of the wall a week, remove surface dirt, paint roller with 801 cement paste on the wall, and paste fiberglass mesh cloth.

  5according to the actual situation of the site, the installation method can be used to replace the plate.

  Three, installation and decoration points:

  1 door and window installation

  Door and window frames with embedded parts to be embedded in the embedded wallboard after installation. Wall installation was completed a week after the door (window) frame is placed within the hole reserved, connected with the wall. The embedded parts welding method for iron: using wood screws for embedded block or long nail connection, can also be directly connected and fixed with nails. The doors and windows and wall space can be used to scrape filled adhesive.

  2 pipelines

  The vertical pipeline can use the wallboard hole layout, transverse slotted line needs to be crossed, the use of hand-held cutting machine can cut through the wall plate slot. Chisel hole can not be too hard, so as not to damage the wall. The pipeline layout is completed, then filled with cement mortar screeding.

  3 wall decoration (special crack and tiles required)

  After the completion of the installation on the wall, to be pasted fiberglass mesh cloth can be dry putty. Clerecole with 801 glue, polyvinyl acetate emulsion. The masonry of white cement prepared putty ash. To be dry after conventional batch block leveling, the two batch of block.

  4 bathroom renovation

  The use of the corresponding waterproof, moisture-proof measures, the wall must be painted waterproof paint, such as waterproof design, and do a high 20cm C20 fine stone concrete foundation.