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Advantages of composite wall panels

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-17 17:11:47

  The new lightweight composite wallboard as panel with thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board, the middle filled polymer cement, polystyrene foam particles and fly ash lightweight core material is a composite of a lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection composite board.

  As the core material, the polystyrene particles not only greatly reduce the weight, but also has the advantages of thermal insulation, sound insulation, water resistance and durability. It also has the advantages of no degradation, no mildew, no ants biting insect not boring, it with cement powder with strong, uniform distribution in core plate, make cement mortar the bonding stress analysis of honeycomb structure optimum, the impact force, the wall itself hanging force performance is greatly enhanced. Composite wallboard has the functions of high strength, light weight, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof, can be nailed, and durable.

  Advantages of composite wall panels

  The advantages of the earthquake:

  Compared with the clay brick light 10 times more than light hollow block, beam, column, solve the problem of deep foundation, slab column connections has a good seismic performance, not only suitable for low rise buildings, but also suitable for the high-rise building, soft beach, beach geology and construction.

  good insulation properties:

  In the process of production, many kinds of vacuum bubbles are formed. These bubbles in the material to form a static air layer, so that the thermal conductivity of the plate is only 0.12W/mk, thermal resistance value of 2, can reduce the cost of electricity, coal, energy saving.

  The sound insulation waterproof performance:

  Plate internal closed microporous structure, effectively blocking the sound transmission and sound absorption function, sound insulation is larger than 40dB, waterproof and freeze-thaw are up to national standards.

The increased use of space:

  Thin wall, can increase the use of more than 8%-10%.

  The installation of good processing performance:

  Wall panels can be sawn, can be nailed, can be drilled, can be arbitrarily cut, arbitrary construction pattern.

  The rapid construction:

  Dry operation, installation is simple and convenient, more than 6 times faster than the block wall, can greatly shorten the construction period.

  The surface decoration performance is good:

  The wall surface roughness, filling directly after wallpaper, wall and spray.

  The total cost is low:

  Due to the reduction of beam column and foundation load, fast construction, short cycle, clay brick, hollow block to reduce the project cost 20%.

  The civilization construction work:

  Dry construction, site construction norms, less construction waste, high degree of civilization construction.

  Environmental protection and energy saving waste: wall material does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and waste energy, is a national development and promotion of green products.