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Advantages of lightweight wall panels

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-17 16:59:43


  Light partition board light wallboard manufacturers is a new energy-saving wall materials, it is a kind of looks like the floor as the wall material, but it is on both sides of male and female falcon slot, installed only when the sheet is set up, the male and the female falcon with a small amount of mortar can be assembled.

  Air is the best sound insulation and thermal insulation materials, due to the air, greatly improving the product's sound insulation, thermal insulation effect. The main products are inorganic materials, in the mountain of fire definitely belongs to noncombustibility. The corrosion resistance of the wallboard is greatly enhanced by the addition of corrosion resistant short fiber as the skeleton, the slurry is hardened and the fiber is solidified as a whole. Dry bulk installation, compared with the small wet clay solid brick and hollow brick installation, the working efficiency can be increased more than 20 times, light partition board the correct size, smooth surface after installation, the wall length, size can be arbitrarily cut, the installation is very convenient. The use of lightweight partition board, due to the thickness of the wall thinning, thereby increasing the effective use area. The product is porous, can be nailed to the general planing drilling machining, installation of water and electricity and construction are convenient embedding, than all the walls. From the design on the use of lightweight partition board is within its walls, columns, beams, steel can be saved, so that the total cost savings of more than 10%. This product without soil, no energy consumption, and the use of industrial waste, is a good product benefits the country, is a Yihong real green building materials. Light partition board through the pipeline pouring, pressing groove, scientific maintenance, the production of high degree of automation, specifications and varieties.

  Green environmental protection

  Because of this product without soil, no energy consumption, and the use of industrial waste, is a good product benefits. By the national inspection report (protection) conclusion: detection based on "building materials radionuclides Limited" requirements, internal exposure index 0.05, external index 0.33, the production and use of unrestricted, so it is a real green building materials.

  economical efficiency

  The design uses aerated wallboard for partition wall frame structure, compared with the hollow brick, taiboslab etc.. The total cost can be saved about 20%.

  Moisture proof and waterproof

  The experimental results show that the wall panels can be used without any waterproof finish. With cement bonded into a pool filled with water. The back wall can keep dry, leaving no trace in wet weather is no condensing water. Wall panel is a professional waterproof board, good waterproof, moisture-proof performance, can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, basement and other wet areas.

  Convenient construction

  Because it is porous, plus the product can nail, planing, drill and other general machinery processing, so the water and electricity pipe installation and construction are convenient embedding, than all the wall. Compared with the installation of clay brick and hollow brick, the installation of wallboard is compared. The working efficiency can be increased by more than 20 times.

  Precise size

  Since the size is correct, the surface after installation. The length, size can be arbitrarily cut, installation is very convenient. Although the finished wall light, but through the installation of the spraying cloth of wool or paste after cracking. The walls can be painted directly or paint, wall decoration, not shedding phenomenon.

  Fire resistance performance

  The raw materials and products are all inorganic. Never burn. The experimental results show that the product is an ideal fire resistant material, and the fire resistance of 9cm thick wall can reach more than 3 hours. Therefore, the Swiss surplus products are widely used as a firewall.

  High strength

  As a result of the addition of anti-corrosion short fiber as the framework, the slurry after hardening and fiber coagulation as a whole, greatly enhanced the flexural and anti impact performance of cement. After the establishment of the Academy of testing: in line with national building materials, JG/T169-2005 industry standards.

  Sound insulation performance

  According to the wall thickness and surface treatment. Rui Ying wall noise 40-50 db. At the same time it is also a good sound-absorbing material. Because the air is added, the sound insulation effect of the product is greatly improved.

  Heat insulation and thermal insulation

  Rui Ying new material composition material made of pure natural vermiculite, high purity quartz powder, inorganic fiber and plant fiber with high temperature and high pressure steam curing, he decided to have a good heat insulation function, make you more comfortable indoor environment. The composite wallboard has the ability to automatically adjust the moisture content in the indoor air with the seasonal climate change, so as to keep the humidity level to a certain level, and achieve the effect of ecological regulation.


  Materials with special cement and other inorganic materials and additives, with the size of the mixture, the air into the mixture, resulting in numerous single pore. A honeycomb, make the product to be lighter than wood, can float on water.