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Eternal Washington

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-17 15:57:32

  Washington is eternal by the Linyi eternal construction group limited company investment, development and construction of Linyi Lijin real estate development company and a high-end boutique residential projects. Project covers an area of 270 acres, with a total construction area of 900 thousand square meters, green rate of 35%, since the market has been strongly sought after by the market. Eternal Washington Langhammer fragrance, create the future of the city's elite. The neighboring school projects everywhere, close to the Shandong provincial elite, a small three, one, eight, and the project within the ordinary kindergarten and bilingual kindergarten, special education let the children win. Washington and Jiefang Road occupy the eternal riverside road at the junction of the gold location, West to the downtown area; near the estuary tunnel, north to South Square area; South Jiefang Road bridge, east to Hedong district. Arbitrary, smooth Quartet, fast switching of city life. Community configuration four doors and through the east-west, North and south of the section of the road is more convenient for your trip to provide the most convenient.