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Galaxy Bay

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-17 14:37:54

  Galaxy Bay is located in the old city of Linyi and the new city center lot, occupy the economy, culture, government affairs center, overlooking the old town of the south, the rise of the development of the concept of Metro North, the municipal government office area is close at hand. The Milky Way bay close to the city main road, ring road, Yimeng road Binhe Road, convenient transportation, shopping plaza, famous commercial street, just 2 minutes from downtown Lanshan District living area have only 3 minutes to meet successful people from all walks of life to travel, shopping and leisure entertainment demand. Surrounding the Milky Way Bay beautiful, pleasant scenery, landscape Beng River Wetland South Zone, acres of water rippling, push the window to watch the river, Beng River, Liu Qinggil Sanhe, exclusive natural oxygen bar. The Milky Way Bay near 240 thousand square meters of Wuzhou Lake nearly 100 meters away from the Milky Way Bay distance, costing billions of heavily to build miniature world five continents Lake territory, achievements community garden. Excellent location will achievement future world-class livable Riverfront core living area.