Energy saving wall panel

Energy saving wall panel

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-17 11:39:37

  Rui Ying firewall plate adopts the composite structure, the firewall plate not burning performance reach the national A-level standard, the firewall plate after the installation is complete, with the stability and integrity of the superior, has good fire resistance, fire and smoke and gas can be localized in the fire area, and does not emit toxic gases, for yoursafetyand more security. The fire control in the primary unit, to prevent the spread of fire, contain toxic gas (or the effective isolation), make personnel evacuate enough time and fire, avoid great loss of life and property, is a kind of prevention first, fire prevention is better than saving theory.

  Product performance advantages:

  Rhine firewall plate light thin, increases the use area, short construction period, fire prevention, sound insulation, moisture-proof, environmental protection, earthquake resistance, strong stability, suspension force, can be directly cut Manxian tube, easy installation, easy decoration.

  Application range:

  1, widely used in all kinds of old and new buildings of non bearing inside and outside partition;

  2, fire protection, sound insulation and high moisture requirements of the occasion

  3, adjust the microclimate system, passive fire protection system;

  4, suitable for seismic intensity of eight degrees and above eight degrees.


  Applied engineering cases:


  Shandong Rui Ying Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a focus on green building materials enterprises. The company specializes in the new wall, the wall light such as product development, design, production, sales and promotion of green building system of environmental protection products and application technology, you have any questions about the construction of wall board construction materials problems, you can always consult our customer in line or call: 4006-539-257, will be ready for you to answer.

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