Lightweight partition board

Lightweight partition board

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-17 11:13:47

  Rui Ying light wall partition board with composite structure, its density is 700~750kg/m3, thickness of 75mm lightweight partition board weight for masonry plastering wall weight 1/3~1/5 + two. If the buildings began to consider the use of lightweight partition board from the basis of the structural design, can greatly reduce the cost of structure and foundation, and the optimization of beam column structure, the interior layout is more reasonable, more to improve the use function. Coupled with the increased use of the area, the advantages of fast construction, economic benefits are superior.

  Product performance advantages:

  Rui Ying lightweight partition board light thin, increases the use area, short construction period, fire prevention, sound insulation, moisture-proof, environmental protection, earthquake resistance, strong stability, suspension force, can be directly cut Manxian tube, easy installation, easy decoration.

  Application range:

  1, widely used in all kinds of old and new buildings of non bearing inside and outside partition;

  2, fire protection, sound insulation and high moisture requirements of the occasion

  3, adjust the microclimate system, passive fire protection system;

  4, suitable for seismic intensity of eight degrees and above eight degrees.


  Applied engineering cases:


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