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Three main construction procedures of new lightweight composite wall panels

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-16 16:17:35

  The use of new lightweight composite wall that we all know, the quality of light partition surface decoration not only directly affects the indoor color and smoothness, but also has a direct bearing on the economic effect and the partition itself technical performance, including the partition and the cost of sound insulation, waterproof, anti fouling, anti mildew properties, swelling shrinkage, durability etc.. Below, the small make up for you a brief introduction of the main process of new lightweight composite wall.

  1, repair

  The panel and the board during the transportation and installation may be damaged, therefore, the surface decoration, must repair. The most easily damaged is aerated concrete board. Repair method is to brush 107 glue, and then wipe 1:1:3 (cement: Gypsum: aerated concrete) mortar, or directly wipe mortar.

  2, pointing

  Joint panel and board can be divided into three types: one is the crevice, which is to help cover with a decorative layer; Ming joint, after the completion of the slab is still open; the third is that the outside seam seam layering, layering nail. The dark slot, in addition to some walls with 10 mm thick plaster for veneer, which do not need pointing, pointing to all other partitions. Aerated concrete board, lime carbonized lath grout material is 1:3 or 1:1:3~6 cement mortar (cement gypsum, aerated concrete) mixed mortar. Pointing method of gypsum panels is that full scraping gypsum putty or gypsum putty pointing (putty mix is gypsum: Perlite =1:0.85), and then emulsion paste a layer of tissue paper or kraft paper.

  3, facing

  The material used for spraying should be of good stability so as to form a protective layer after spraying. Otherwise, due to the different parts of the wall of the moisture absorption capacity is not the same, will be on the surface of the stain. Spraying materials are commonly used in vinyl acetate resin, vinyl resin, acrylic resin, hydrogen phthalate resin and synthetic rubber materials. To clean the bottom surface, leveling spraying, and putty on it.

  Plastic wallpaper or Qiangbu is to have a certain tensile strength of the base paper or gauze as the main material, adding a layer of PVC or polystyrene plastic on the coating or calendering after embossing or foaming technology and made.