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The reason and solution of crack of light partition board

Author:Ruiying Time:2017-01-16 16:16:04

  In the past the old groove light partition board production in the general construction of three months to a year after the majority of surface cracks often appear in different degree, especially link plate joint windows everywhere, even if the surface of the anti crack treatment of cracks, it is only a matter of time before this, in the light partition board in is also a common problem. Here is a brief introduction to the solution of seam cracking.

  1 double dovetail interlocking structure GRC lightweight partition board, the joint application of interlocking connection technology, in a number of high-level engineering can effectively solve the problem of longitudinal cracks.

  2 if the plate plate joint fracture and two adjacent version of more than 30CM, then you can put this plate fracture seam putty knife to draw a V shape, is about 5MM wide, the depth of about 5MM-10MM, generally with the cross also can draw the effect, add sand to ash.

  3 if the interface between the two adjacent plates is not up to this distance, it can be changed as much as possible. But the most important thing is to see whether the whole wall of the connection is in the scope of the standard operation. Sometimes there will be a whole wall is short board installation, which compares the test technology.

  The above is a simple way to repair the cracks in the light partition board, if you want to know more information, please pay attention to my daily update, thank you for your attention.