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  • Multi-functional composite wal

    Multi-functional composite wal

    Comply with the national industry and the development trend of the global wall system, in the limited space to do flexible and flexible art space design! Multifunctional composite wall for your green building needs to shape the overall effect .

  • Green building external wall

    Green building external wall

    With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standard and the world energy problem severe, the importance of building energy saving more and more can not be ignored. Alternative stone, aluminum, ceramic tile, glass and other new gen

  • Energy saving building wall

    Energy saving building wall

    The wall engineering energy-saving building: Rhine energy-saving building wall has good heat insulation, thermal insulation performance, ability with the seasonal climate changes and automatically adjust the water content in the indoor air temperature.

  • Steel structure building the w

    Steel structure building the w

    Steel structure building a new building system between the real estate and construction industry, metallurgy industry line, set to become a new industry system, which is generally optimistic about the industry of steel structure building system.

  • Prefabricated building partiti

    Prefabricated building partiti

    An assembly building is a building made of prefabricated components assembled on site. With the development of modern industrial technology, the construction of the housing can be like the production of machinery, such as mass production.