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  • Technological process

    Technological process2017/01/18

  • Construction procedure

    Construction procedure2017/01/18

    Put the line, pick up the plate plate plate sizing saw - - in - - - post grouting seam correction cloth crack slot embedding pipe - plaster, paint - door - door

  • Key points of construction

    Key points of construction2017/01/18

      First, the technical process:  The wall to install U positioning line card, put in place, leveling, plate, adhesive, quality inspection, fixed mesh belt, smooth crack sealing paste (if Party A needs special anti cracking and tiling, still need to clean

  • Erection sequence

    Erection sequence2017/01/18

    High efficiency, short cycle due to the assembly type, an average skilled workers a day can fand shipment 35m above, and no longer need to double flat wall plastering, and masonry wall construction rate increased by 15 times.

  • Installation node graph

    Installation node graph2017/01/18

    Wall panels and panel connection structure diagram, wall facade, wall panels and barge arrangement structure arrangement, (or wall), wall and ground connection link, and the top wall and bottom wall floor, wall connection, connection wallboard connection,