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Steel structure building the w

  Steel structure building a new building system between the real estate and construction industry, metallurgy industry line, set to become a new industry system, which is generally optimistic about the industry of steel structure building system. At present, the application of steel structure wall in high-rise buildings is becoming more and more mature, and gradually become the mainstream of the construction process. The advantages of steel structure building wall: the wall function; lower construction costs, shorten the construction period; steel structure building wall can meet the super high and super span requirements; the raw materials can be recycled, contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.


Solution application system:

1, light steel type partition wall system;

2, Chongqing type partition system;

Solution application site:

Hotels, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, public buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, factories, residential, etc.

Solution service case:

1, Linyi Experimental High School

2, Yishui Huaxin International

3, Qilu Garden Plaza

4, the new Linyi Yimeng Construction Co. Ltd.

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