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Edge features

  • Advantages of composite wall panels

    Advantages of composite wall panels2017/01/17

    The new lightweight composite wallboard as panel with thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board, the middle filled polymer cement, polystyrene foam particles and fly ash lightweight core material is a composite of a lightweight.

  • Advantages of lightweight wall panels

    Advantages of lightweight wall panels2017/01/17

    Light wall light wallboard factory products is a new energy saving wall materials, it is a kind of looks like the floor as the wall material, but it is on both sides of male and female falcon slot, installed only when the sheet is set up.

  • Product advantage

    Product advantage2017/01/17

    According to the national standard of building partition board, Rui Ying light energy-saving wall materials 75mm thick wall can replace the traditional 1 20mm thick brick wall, and after plastering thickness compared to less than 85 rllm. In other words,