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Address: Southwest side of the intersection of Huaihai Road West Section and Ju 'a Road, Lingquan Town, Junan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province
  • Ji'nan strength Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    Ji'nan strength Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.2017/01/17

      Ji'nan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a collection of real estate development and sales of private enterprises. The strength of the real estate for many years as the top ten enterprises in Huaiyin District and into Ji'

  • Linyi Yimeng New Construction Co. Ltd.

    Linyi Yimeng New Construction Co. Ltd.2017/01/17

      Linyi City Yimeng Construction Company Limited was established in 1992, is now the industrial and civil building two qualified construction enterprises, registered capital of 22 million 160 thousand yuan, with rich experience in construction, the constr

  • Galaxy Bay

    Galaxy Bay2017/01/17

      Galaxy Bay is located in the old city of Linyi and the new city center lot, occupy the economy, culture, government affairs center, overlooking the old town of the south, the rise of the development of the concept of Metro North, the municipal governmen

  • Yishui Huaxin International

    Yishui Huaxin International2017/01/17

      From home to Huaxin International WITHUB development project, the total construction area of 500 thousand square meters, is the first Yishui quality market, the project is located in Yishui Yi Bo Lu and North Ring Road Interchange, located in the Yishui

  • Qilu Garden Plaza

    Qilu Garden Plaza2017/01/17

      Qilu garden square by the whole Guanlu group investment and development, construction, covers an area of 115 acres, by the two 37 storey high-rise (157 meters) and a 9 (54 meters) of the commercial aircraft carrier composition, construction area of near