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Shandong Ruiying Building Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi, a modern trade logistics city and a famous historical and cultural city. It is a small and medium-sized enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

 In recent years, the national 12th Five-Year Plan has clearly pointed out the future development trend of the industry, with low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and waste utilization as the main themes. Calcium silicate polystyrene particle composite lightweight wallboard is one of the new energy-saving lightweight and environment-friendly building materials promoted and used by the state. It is a product strongly supported by the national wall reform and energy-saving policy, and a new wall material vigorously promoted by the state. The amount of partition wall is about 3 times of the whole building area, accounting for the leading position of building materials, and the market is large; Moreover, the modern building structure framework is dominant, so it should have a large application space. According to the urban housing construction and real estate industry plan and long-term target forecast, the planning goal in 2013 is: the output of new wall materials accounts for 40% of the total output of wall materials, and it will set an example to stop the phenomenon of destroying fields and burning bricks nationwide.


Due to the strengthening of national environmental protection policy, there is a great trend that clay bricks will withdraw from the urban construction market, which will leave a larger market space for new wall materials. Therefore, the gap of new wall materials will be larger and larger. At the same time, new wall materials with good quality and performance, energy saving and light weight can quickly enter the construction market. The light composite partition board produced by Shandong Ruiying Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a new wall material with complete performance, light weight, energy saving, waste utilization and low price. As early as 1991, the Ministry of Construction and the State Building Materials Bureau issued a notice (No.619 [1991] of Jianke) on printing and distributing the Regulations on Restricting the Use of Solid Clay Bricks in Frame Structures. From the change of building system, with the development of housing industrialization to modernization, the proportion of frame structures is increasing year by year, and the market prospect of new wall is very bright. With the strengthening of wall improvement in China, the energy-saving composite lightweight battens with higher performance and better quality will probably replace the blocks with low performance and high energy consumption.


Shandong Ruiying Building Materials Co., Ltd.' s main product is light energy-saving composite wallboard. The company adopts the current domestic good production equipment and production technology, with an annual output of 5 million square meters of light energy-saving composite wallboard. The heat-cured FPB lightweight energy-saving composite wallboard developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of light weight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force, heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fire prevention, easy cutting, arbitrary slotting, no need for batch swinging, dry operation, environmental protection and recycling. It is a good lightweight batten material for building partitions in China at present. Applicable to most buildings, including: shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, hotels, apartments, villas, public buildings, venues, factories, etc. The products have been tested by "Shandong Construction Engineering Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center", and all indexes are better than the standard requirements, and have been audited by "Shandong Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department". It is rated as "Shandong New Wall Building Energy-saving Technology Product", which can be applied in construction projects. It is a new type of light energy-saving building wall panel integrated with architectural design, and is a good light batten material for building partition walls in China at present. The company has always put product quality first, managed in strict accordance with the ISO international quality standard system, and successfully selected into the list of construction materials in xiong'an new area. At the same time, it has established a first-class customer service system, striving to create high-quality green products and customer service.